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we Keep Your Business Connected To Your Customers

Take control of your business communications without the hassle. Empower your business with our robust cloud platform delivering next generation communication services. 

Built For Business

Next Gen Platform that is highly reliable, flexible and scales to meet the demands of your business

Geo Redundant Architecture

Our cloud-based platform, allowing you to deploy new communication services quickly and efficiently.  

Enterprise Grade Features

Maintain a right balance of flexibility and control, so you can work efficiently and smoothly.   

US Based Support

Our support team is right here in the America! 



Our infrastructure gives you competitive rates, device flexibility, quick office setup, personalized user portal, and 99.999% reliability with failover 

Smart call-routing 

Our intelligent call routing engine can build optimum call flows for your business. 

Keep your number 

You can switch to our services with your existing phone numbers. 

Fast deployment 

Our solution experts work with your local partner to get you deployed quickly and efficiently. 

Local Partner Support

Rely on trusted service providers in our nationwide network.


Providing customizable solutions to your problems

Virtual receptionist 

  • The virtual receptionist feature gives you an edge to answer your customer calls with professional greeting. The menu system helps in routing customer calls to right person, message or voice mail.

Hunt Groups

  • Ensure orderly call flow and assist customer in getting to the right staff members as quickly as possible.

Customer Greeting

  • Take advantage of our text-to-speech function and create customer greetings in male and female voices, with various accents.

Call Recording* 

  • Call recording is crystal clear using our advanced voice technology.

Call Queues*

  • Manage your inbound call volume in an orderly manner through our VoIP business phone system so you will get quick and efficient service. 

Conference Calling*

  • Easily host your conference calls whenever you want, no matter where you are.

Call Parking

  • The calls can be parked and retrieved easily from any device. 

Interactive Voice Response

  • Voice-driven menu system allowing incoming callers to select pathways to the desired information and departments.

Virtual Fax

  • Virtual faxing give your business the flexibility to allow its users to work from anywhere.

                       * Restrictions and/or additional charges may apply